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Embark on a transformative learning experience at Poks Vocational Training Institute, where our specialized courses provide a holistic foundation for unleashing your creativity and excelling in the dynamic world of fashion and entrepreneurship.

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Pattern Drafting

Master the art of transforming design concepts into precise patterns, laying the foundation for impeccable garment creation.


Develop essential language skills tailored for the fashion industry, enhancing your ability to articulate ideas, collaborate effectively, and engage with a global audience

Garment Construction

Learn the hands-on skills needed to bring your designs to life, from selecting fabrics to the fine details of stitching and assembly.

Business Management

Acquire the strategic knowledge and managerial insights necessary to navigate the business side of fashion, turning your passion into a successful and sustainable career

Fashion Illustration

Unleash your creativity on paper, refining your ability to visually communicate and bring fashion ideas to vivid life through artistic expression.

And much more

At Poks, we give you extra training than you sign up for, we prepare you in all aspects to make you a fully fledged fashion expert. Sign up today and learn fashion with passion

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  • "Fashion Illustration at Poks was a game-changer for me. The expert guidance and practical insights not only honed my artistic skills but also gave me the tools to express my unique style. Grateful for the impactful journey!"
    Fmr. Student
  • "Poks Institute turned my passion for fashion into a powerful skillset. The personalized attention and industry-focused curriculum helped me launch my own clothing line with confidence. Thank you, Poks!"
    Fmr. Student
  • "I enrolled at Poks seeking more than just education; I found a community that nurtured my creativity. The hands-on approach to Garment Construction and the supportive atmosphere empowered me to turn my designs into reality."
    Fmr. Student

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